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Can You Get Rid Of Skin Wrinkles With Face Lifts And Cosmetic Surgery?

Can You Get Rid Of Skin Wrinkles With Face Lifts And Cosmetic Surgery?
by: Marcus Ryan

By nature, we are all destined to age. It is inevitable. One day, we will all have lines and wrinkles in places that are visible and places that are not!

However, modern day technology and cosmetic surgery have provided us all with a means to halt the aging process. One of the main ways that individuals avoid facial wrinkles is the surgical face lift.

A face lift can make us look years younger for much longer than would otherwise be possible, but you can choose the right face lift for you because there is a variety of options.

The surgical face lift became popular on the celebrity circuit in the 1970s and 1980s, but only the most affluent of individuals could afford the procedure. However, the option is open to most individuals today because surgical face lifts are more affordable than ever.

When you look at the difference between face lifts then and now you will see a big improvement in the techniques and methods used.

In the 1980s, facial skin was pulled so tight that people noticed the surgery. There was also much more scarring than today. You could see the former whereas you would need a microscope to see the latter.

There are several types of facelifts and we'll look at just a few options.

The deep plane face lift began back in the 1980s and it proved that beauty really is skin deep because this procedure could knock ten or more years off of a 40 year old woman. That's because it gets to the root of the problem, the muscles in the face, which sag as we age. This causes us to loose tone, which then causes the skin to stretch.

As a result too often the skin is blamed for what is actually a muscle problem. This procedure starts by addressing the real problem and tightening the muscles, and then it moves to the surface. The results are very impressive.

Next up is the mini face lift, and this is perfect for individuals in their mid thirties through their mid forties. Regardless of whether you are male or female, this type of face lift will have a revolutionary effect on you because it tightens the muscles and the deep tissue around the face and thus tightens it up nicely.

Despite the work required for this procedure to be successful, there will be very little scarring of the tissue and the recovery time is therefore shorter than other face lifts. However, it only tends to work around your face so the nose and cheeks will remain the same in appearance.

The 1980s was the peak of the surgical face lift's popularity, but that popularity has waned today. It is still a viable choice for women trying to fend off the aging effects of time.

You should always consult a surgeon before having any procedure done because he or she will be able to advise you as to what would work best for you.

As long as you take the advice that he or she offers, then you can remain youthful and beautiful on the outside as well as the inside indefinitely!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Beauty and Ecumenicism

Beauty and Ecumenicism
by: Robert Bruce Baird

There are many vantage points from which to find beauty. The side of the mountains overlooking Lake Louise on the grass of the hotel sipping champagne with your most cherished friend is a memory of beauty that will always overcome my consciousness. The purr of my friend and companion as he welcomed me home from a hard days work or the smile on the face of most any person who 'sees' what little part of life we can partake in to help each other. There are many beauties and no real evil. This will be dealt with in greater detail under Abraxas in the concept segment. In the whole of the 'brotherhood' there are many religions and in each one; I have found the essence of beauty expressed by wise and metaphysical or soulful people. In Islam my favorite is Sufism. They make a good point about the poison of negativity and any form of thought that does personal energized harm to other life in this quote:

“The soul who had to sympathize with the whole world was thus prepared that the drop of that poison which always produces contempt, resentment and ill feeling against another was destroyed first. So many talk about purification of the heart, and so few really know what it is. Some say to be pure means to be free from all evil thought, but there is no evil thought. Call it evil or call it devil, if there is any such thought it is the thought of bitterness against another. No one with sense and understanding would like to retain a single drop of poison in his body. And how ignorant it is on the part of man when he keeps and cherishes a bitter thought against another in his heart. If a drop of poison can cause death of the body, it is equal to a thousand deaths when the heart retains the smallest thought of bitterness." (56)

The fear of nature or one's inner uncertainties has caused many to find evil in places where beauty exists. Once one no longer has to control nature, there is no place where beauty will not be found. It may be a bittersweet beauty such as seeing your lover find a person she wants to marry; when you are an older man with all the love in the world for a person you love in every way. It may be the joy you feel when you know you aren't going to have to schlep or drudge for money in the socially structured gambit to gain material things. The fears that create the opposite of harmony and brotherhood are the 'poisons' which no true Kelt would know as he/she spoke to Alexander about their creed and their honest appreciation for the soul in everything. Nature has no evil and the crooked bristlecone pine that dormantly awaits the desert rain has lived longer than the rash fast-growing ash that sprouts quickly skyward. In the soul that knows it is immortal the idea of change is welcome and thus the warrior’s death is too.

Thus one who truly loves will let all things and thoughts go free and hope to share the beauty of 'what is'. The Cathars had great 'brothers' in the Sufis who few people in the world are ready to accept the wisdom of in that war-torn realm of misogyny we call the Middle East. In my limited appreciation for the beauty of Jesus I see him being the kind of person who learned and changed throughout each day and therefore all the time he spent on earth. Each moment is a 'Zen' opportunity for the 'greater good'. But how many of our ways of organizing social behavior really wish good for each individual? There is no beauty in more of any THING; rather beauty exists in the fullness of each and EVERY thing. Oh yes, the turn of phrases and eloquence that waxes and wanes poetic can be a joy which in the crevices of thought are beauty-full but are they really beauty when they seek to arrange MORE for the politician and his cronies or platform? Alexander is said the first to have declared himself Divine while alive. We are in truth, all Divine. It is a divine comedy to be sure, this thing we call life.

Author of Diverse Druids
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Best Beauty Buys

Best Beauty Buys
by: Sher Matsen

So many beauty products, which to buy? Each of us is different so our suggestions may not work for all but they are a good place to start. We’ve had 20 staff members test each product and then compiled their opinions to give you our 25 best beauty buys.

1. Sue Devitt Pencil Liner is nice and creamy with a velvety texture and is available in 10 shades

2. Mac Eye Shadow has a wide selection of colors. If the color is available from mother nature than Mac has it. Rich texture and blends easily

3. Revlon Eye Shadow is expensive and has a huge selection of shades. The colors are up todate and apply easily

4. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara is dependable and affordable. Comes with a nice fine brush that grabs every eyelash and the formula is nice and rich and doesn’t flake

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Filler has a great color selection and applies easily with a brush

6. Stila Convertible Color Blush creates natural looking rosy cheeks. Creamy formula blends well producing a very natural look.

7. Revlon Skinlights Bronzer is inexpensive. It’s rich and smooth texture is easy to apply and it is enriched with vitamins A, C, and E. Available in 6 shades and has a SPF15.

8. Tarte Cheek Stain is an oil free push up blush available in 5 natural tones.

9. Max Factor Erace Concealer is inexpensive with a sheer texture so it can be used around the eyes, but covers well enough to hide those more prominent imperfections.

10. Mac Pressed Powder is ultra translucent and you can be sure no shine will creep through.

11. Mac Lipstick is available in over 200 shades. They won’t bleed and have a good lasting power.

12. Mario Badescu Lip wax is soothing and not waxy. It is enriched with Vitamins C & E and has a SPF15.

13. Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss can be worn by itself or layered over your lipstick, resulting in luscious glistening lips

14. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser is highly recommended by dermatologists. No perfumes or irritants, powerful mild cleansing.

15. Kinara Lactic Acid facial Exfloiator is a light hydrating serum that easily absorbs into the skin. Non abrasive exfoliant that cleans deep

16. Olay Regnerist Anti Wrinkle Cream is enhanced with pentapeptides and amino acids that encourage production of collagen for firmer skin.

17. Lancome Heavy Duty Moisturizer is a nonsticky cream that contains glycerin, wild yam extract, sea algae, and soy restore moisture.

18. Dove Facial Cleanser is mild and easily rinses away makeup and oil leaving skin feeling fresh and clean

19. Aveeno Facial Moisturizer is an excellent emoillience but it is scented. Oil-free lotion enriched with skin softening soy extract

20. Murad Acne Kit consists of 4 steps – cleanser with triclosan and salicylic acid to fight bacteria, pore cleaning gel with glycolic and salicylic acids, exfoliating lotion with retinol, and spot treatment with sulphur

21. Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Pimple Healer Spot Treatement is a fast acting blemish fighting gel. Contains Salicylic acid, and glycolic acid as well as herbal incredients such as cinnamon bark and ginger root

22. Lancome Eye Makeup Remover will even remove waterproof mascara. Very gentle so perfect for sensitive skin

23. L’Oreal Home Microdermabrasion is a two part system. Smooth skin with aluminum oxide crystals and moisturize with vitamin E cream

24. Neutrogena T/Gel Dandruff Shampoo is soothing and calms the scalp eliminating flakes and relieving itchy scalp

25. Pantene Pro V Overall Conditioner is inexpensive and hairstylists say its great. Frizz fighting rich nourishing formula rich in vitamins is easily absorbed by the hair

These products are great choices to keep you looking great!

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